China-Pak secretly making world’s most dangerous ‘deadly virus’.

China-Pak are working on the deadly virus despite global concerns.

Everyone will have to bear the consequences, but away from all these worries, China-Pak is busy in making this deadly virus.

The world’s most dangerous ‘deadly virus’ is being secretly made in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

China-Pak secretly making world’s most dangerous ‘deadly virus’.

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China-Pak secretly making world's most dangerovirusus 'deadly virus

China-Pakistan new virus: Currently, the risk of Kovid -19 virus is not removed from the whole world, its many forms are affecting the world, but China -Pak together in search of dangerous new viruses from Kovid -19 viruses near Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

China adopts many methods to beat usa:

China adopted several ways to defeat the United States with Pakistan Pakistan, making a malignant virus in a secret way compared to the Kovid -19 virus.

China’s intention is already bad for the whole country. 

America wants to mix everyone together and give everyone a chance to equalize together.

But the same China does not want this. 

It wants to make itself the best, so it keeps searching for diseases like virus.

China-Pak secretly making world’s most dangerovirusus ‘deadly virusChina-Pak secretly making world's most dangerovirusus 'deadly virus

Once again, cases of Kovid have come to the fore in China:

Despite having a ‘zero – Covid policy’, cases of infection are once again seeing a spurt in China.

Despite such a strict ban in China, the speed of Kovid-19 virus has been seen again.

About 3,500 new cases were confirmed in China last day, of which about 3,100 were found to be involved.

Bus and metro services have been suspended in Chinese cities and residents were told to stay at home.

Due to the lock down in China, the population there is troubled and helpless.

Due to the zero Kovid-19 policy, the population there is facing difficulties to stop.

The population there cannot raise their voice against the government, if anyone raises their voice against the government, they are made to disappear.

China-Pak Network of Laboratories:

According to intelligence and scientists, this sequence of events was already watching.

China is trying to make a hundred times the virus from the Kovid-19 virus using Pakistan’s laboratory, the work of making this virus is going on.

China is doing this deliberately, if it wanted such a deadly virus, it could have made it in its laboratory, if it did, then the virus would become effective in its own country, like the corona virus.

China gets its work done by pressurizing Pakistan economically and strategically, Pakistan has to accept everything because of China’s debt.

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