Which country’s name appears most often on the Wikipedia page for the United States of America 2022.

We all know that if you want to know about any country then you can get information about that country through online.

To find out information about any country online, we definitely take the help of Wikipedia’s website and today we will find out which country’s name has appeared most often on the Wikipedia page of the United States of America.

 United States of America

Wikipedia is such a medium that we can get information about every single country and every celebrity ho or cricketer gives us information about every famous one.

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Which country has the most names on the Wikipedia page of the United States of America.

When someone opens Wikipedia to know about a country, almost complete information about that country is obtained.

When seen on Wikipedia about the United States of America, it gets the name of India the most.

India is mentioned about 326 times on the United States Wikipedia.
United States of America has good relations with India everywhere, many ministers are of Indian origin like Kamala Harris,
India and America trade is also happening on a large scale for many years.

India and the United States are involved in many organizations together like quad

There are 4 countries included in the quad organization, in which America, India, Australia and Japan.

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